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Soulmates are Forever v. 3.10

community information
Welcome to Soulmates are Forever, a community dedicated to Gackt Camui and You. Bandmates, roommates, soulmates ... a relationship of envious intimacy. If you believe in supporting this pairing, then please do join us. There's enough love here for everyone.

You may have noticed that this community recently underwent a change of moderator. shinyasangel, creator of this comm, decided she no longer had the time to devote to maintaining it. spinshadow volunteered to take up the torch so the community would not be lost and the rest, as they say, is history. There have been some changes since then - if you want the full breakdown, you can read it here.

rules and regulations
1. Keep it polite. I wish I could believe I didn't need to say this, but I do so I have. Respect each other, respect Gackt and You, respect yourselves. We're all Dears here, so be civil, agree to disagree if you have to ... just don't start flame wars, or I'll be forced to be nasty. You won't like me when I'm nasty.
2. Stay on topic. That means Gackt, You, and/or GacktxYou (or YouxGackt, for you purists out there). I'm sure we'd all be thrilled for you that you met Ju-ken at the corner deli last week, but this isn't the place to be talking about it.
3. If you must pimp, pimp with style! I have no problems with people advertising other sites/comms/whatever, as long as a) you stay on topic (see rule #2) and b) you do it with a bit of flare. I mean, come on, if you want us to see whatever it is you're pimping, then take some time and really sell it. ~_^
4. Fan-works are welcome! Fanfic, fanart, wallpapers, icons, heck you could even post layouts if you wanted. HOWEVER, all fanart, icon sets of more than three, graphics larger than 300x300, and fanfic over three paragraphs must be cut.
5. Please follow posting format where applicable. I have this odd habit of adding fanfiction and graphics to the community memories. To make this process a little easier, I ask that our members format their posts according to these simple guidelines.
for graphics and art:
    subject: [~wallpaper/icons/fanart~] ~title~
    entry: (for fanart only) title, media, rating/warnings
for fiction and poetry:
    subject: [~fic/drabble/poem~] ~title~
    entry: title, author, genre, warnings, summary, comments
to issue challenges:
    subject: [~challenge type: art/graphics/prose/poetry/other~] ~challenge name/short form~
You may have noticed there was no required ratings field for fanfic. This is because I find visual-media ratings scales ill-suited to written material. So include a rating if you want, otherwise ... full-disclosure warnings are sufficient.
6. There is NO ... #6. Well there isn't!
7. This is not a file-sharing community. I'll let the occassional video clip slide, but I'm less likely to let audio go and don't even think about coming in here asking for mp3s. There are other communities for that.
8. Use the Shout Out entry. Have a burning question for the mod? Want to affiliate with us? Need to report someone acting like a monkey-butted ass? If you can't catch Selah on IM (and that's surprisingly likely), use the Shout Out entry and she'll get back to you when she can. If it's been more than 24 hours with no notice of vacation, then go ahead and persue other avenues of getting her attention.

And while it isn't exactly a rule, new members are strongly encouraged to introduce themselves. It's a way to break the ice and really, we would like to get to know you better.

Your moderator is:

I firmly believe that you get back what you put out into the world. I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt and will do my level best to treat each and every one of our members with the respect s/he deserves. Whether it's a new rule or calling attention to an old one, respect will be the order of the day with all Admin posts. Disrespect me, however, and I will not be pleased.

Our Memory-keeper is:

As a moderator, she can also poke people if necessary or if Selah's stepped out for a few days, but let's try not to make it necessary, okay?

affiliates and links
Affiliates: (want to affiliate with us? Nudge Selah)

Forget-me-Not - You fansite
Cool Like Plastic - Gackt fansite
Dears -- Gackt Official Site

Link back to us:

Layout Information:
3.0-3.10: Falling is like this.... (curent) -- Kagen no Tsuki Gackt/You. Designed by Selah; do not take, reverse engineer, or archive.